Resource Format: Video
Teodora Pavkovic and Mark Bertin, MD

Social Distancing as a Family: Screen Time Strategies and Resources for Parents of Children 6-12

Created: 03/26/2020
Uploaded: 03/27/2020

During this period of social distancing, how can parents engage their children to develop meaningful routines, and ensure they get the exercise, sleep, and emotional connection they need? As schools require children to be online more than ever, how can parents ensure that children get the offline time they need to learn, play and thrive? How can parents guide their children to use screens in a limited and intentional manner?

This unique Q&A virtual event, moderated by Action Network Live!’s Jean Rogers, features Teodora Pavkovic and Dr. Mark Bertin. Teodora Pavkovic is a psychologist, parenting coach, and speaker with international experience helping children and adults improve their emotional and mental wellbeing. Dr. Mark Bertin is a developmental behavioral pediatrician, an assistant professor of pediatrics at New York Medical College, and the author of two books on how children thrive.

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