We have the experts.
You have the drive.

When we carefully match young people with our activists and researchers, just imagine what can happen!


Is this you?

  • • Young adult between 16-26 years-old 

    • Passionate about a project or idea related to reducing screen time, increasing intentional use of technology, creating a healthier, more responsible digital environment

    • Interested in working with a mentor in the field to help guide your project or develop your idea 

    • Motivated to make a difference

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How do I learn more?

Please download the program overview here and get specifics on Mentoring and becoming a Mentee.

With specific questions, contact our Program Coordinator, Lisa Honold at nextgen@fairplayforkids.org.



When is the deadline?

We anticipate another NextGen cohort in 2023. Sign up here to get future updates!

What is the time commitment?

The program runs for approximately 4 months. It requires 5 hours/month of your time. 

How much does it cost?

It's free! 

What will you get from the NextGen Connect program?

  • • Expertise from a mentor in your field of interest and regular check-in's.
  • • A NextGen Connect group of dedicated peers
  • • Training in advocacy skills, such as understanding the legislation process, creating a grassroots movement, and spreading awareness for your cause.
  • • An opportunity to present to the Mentor group and Advisory Board.

Who can I contact?

You can contact the program manager Lisa Honold with any questions or concerns at nextgen@fairplayforkids.org.

Want to support NextGen Connect? 

Your tax-deductible donation will ensure that we continue to elevate the voices of our youth members as we expand this program into year 2 and beyond.

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