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Nancy Carlsson-Paige and Kisha Reid

Social Distancing for Early Childhood Educators

Early Childhood
Created: 04/06/2020
Uploaded: 04/08/2020

As education moves online to support social distancing, early childhood educators are facing a unique challenge: early education is an entirely social experience! In this popular Action Network Live! webinar specifically for teachers of young children, educators and advocates Kisha Reid and Nancy Carlsson-Paige will answer your questions and offer strategies to help maintain connections to students and families, encourage play-based learning, and support children’s – and your own – wellbeing in this challenging moment.

Child development specialist Nancy Carlsson-Paige, EdD was a teacher educator at Lesley University for over 30 years, is co-founder of Defending the Early Years, and a writer, speaker, and activist.

Kisha Reid is an early childhood educator, education consultant, and the owner and director of Discovery Early Learning Center, a play-based preschool where she also teaches.

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