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¡Sea sabio con la tecnología y el niño pequeño!

Brain Development
Early Childhood
Public Health
Parent Handout
Created: 2/2022
Uploaded: 10/05/2020

This unique new Spanish-language resource is designed specifically for parents of toddlers, and aims to help families cultivate healthy screen time habits—for their child and for parents/caregivers while around their child. Developed by the Children's Screen Time Action Network and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), Be Tech Wise With Baby! is uniquely tailored to a critical period when it comes to screen time advice: toddlerhood.

Be Tech Wise With Toddler! covers how to boost toddlers' brain development and communication skills; ways that screen use by toddlers—and their caregivers—can impact a child's healthy development; and tips for creating a home environment that sets toddlers up for optimal growth.


This Be Tech Wise With Toddler! handout is well suited for pediatrician, ob-gyn, and other medical offices and outpatient therapy clinics; libraries; day care centers; and all other settings that provide information for parents and caregivers. It is also available in English.

This resource was co-created by Action Network Early Childhood Work Group members Alice Hanscam and LeAnna Heinrich and Action Network partner ASHA.

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