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Children's Screen Time Action Network | American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)

¡Sea sabio con la tecnología y el bebé!

Brain Development
Early Childhood
Public Health
Parent Handout
Created: 10/2020
Uploaded: 10/05/2020

This unique new Spanish-language resource is designed specifically for expectant and new parents, and aims to help families cultivate healthy screen time habits—for their child and for parents/caregivers while around their child—from the day baby is born. Developed by the Children's Screen Time Action Network and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), Be Tech Wise With Baby! is uniquely tailored to an often overlooked but critical period when it comes to screen time advice: baby's first year of life.

Be Tech Wise With Baby! covers how to boost baby's brain development and communication skills from birth; ways that screen use by babies—and their caregivers—can impact a child's healthy development; and

  • tips for creating a home environment that sets baby up for optimal growth.

This Be Tech Wise With Baby! handout is well suited for pediatrician, ob-gyn, and other medical offices and outpatient therapy clinics; libraries; day care centers; and all other settings that provide information for new parents and caregivers. It is also available in English.

We thank Action Network Early Childhood Work Group members Alice Hanscam and LeAnna Heinrich for co-creating this resource with Action Network partner ASHA.

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