Resource Format: Video
Dipesh Navsaria

Screen Time Is Not a Luxury Issue: A Webinar for Professionals Who Work With Families Across the Socioeconomic Spectrum

Created: 2018
Uploaded: 02/27/2018

Far too often, discussions about screen time are limited to upper middle-class children. But in fact, families across the socioeconomic spectrum struggle with the same questions when it comes to tech and kids: How do I know if my child is spending too much time with screen media? How do I set limits? How do I choose the right media for my child?

In this Action Network webinar, pediatrician Dr. Dipesh Navsaria discusses why it’s critical that practitioners review children’s media use with all families. He also discusses how technology is often falsely marketed as a panacea for inequality and what practitioners can do to help families see through the hype. He also stresses the need for practitioners to offer strategies for limiting kids’ screen time that are accessible and practical for all families, not just those with means.

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