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Dr. Meghan Owenz | Screen-Free Parenting

Limiting Child Screen-Time: Why It Matters

Parent Handout
Created: 2016
Uploaded: 03/11/2021

Need a graphic for yourself or your clients that clearly delineates how to fill a child's day with what they really need to thrive -- and, in the process, reducing the amount of time they are on screens? This is it!

This graphic, courtesy of Dr. Meghan Owenz of Screen-Free Parenting and author of Spoiled Right, explains why screen time matters to kids, demonstrates how to "SWAAT" the screen time, and reveals how to limit screen time the fun way by choosing to "S.P.O.I.L." the child instead -- with social time, free play, outdoor time, independent time, and literacy opportunities. Dr. Owenz's recommendations are all low- to no-cost, proven ways to limit children's screen time.

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