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Joni Siani, Kristin Bride, Joann Bogard, Deb Schmill

The Harms Podcast Series

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Created: 4/13/2022
Uploaded: 04/13/2022

This is not just another podcast.

Some members of our Cyberbullying and Online Safety Work Group have suffered tragic loss of their children due to social media’s design. They tell their stories to try to prevent other families from experiencing the same trauma. But it's hard. So we wanted to provide them with an opportunity to record and save their stories for other families to hear. 

In this three-part podcast series, No App For Life host and Action Network Advisory Board member Joni Siani shares the heartbreaking stories of beautiful young lives who paid the ultimate price for simply being typical teens participating in social media and life's new norms.

Episode 1: Meet Carson Bride reveals the dangers of anonymous apps.

Episode 2: Meet Mason Bogard and Eric Robinson reveals how online challenges can go horribly wrong.

Episode 3: Meet Becca Schmill reveals how drug dealers can advertise on social media, right next to products kids love.

Most parents don't know the hurt their children and teens are experiencing and don't understand that one of the root causes is these digital demands. Even teens themselves don't connect their anxiety and depression with their online behavior.

You'll be shocked to learn what is actually happening online. It's only with awareness that we'll be able to move to action to protect our kids.

We’re honored to share these stories, The Harms, and hope you’ll share them with parents, caregivers, and policymakers.

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