Resource Format: Video
Kathy Masarie & Kathy Keller Jones

Face to Face: Empowering Families to Live Mindfully in our Digital World

Created: 2018
Uploaded: 03/27/2018

How do we make sure that the values we want our children to learn stand out from the digital noise and commercialism of today’s times?  Dr. Kathy Masarie, pediatrician and parent coach, and co-author Kathy Keller Jones, M.A., developmental psychologist, offer mindful life choices that professionals can use to support families in an overwhelmingly electronic world. Their seven parenting “touchstones” empower parents to help children meet their potential and avoid the pitfalls digital device overuse. This webinar focuses on gradual introduction of devices as children grow into teens, digital-free times and zones, and how to make these practices sustainable in family life. They are co-authors of Face to Face: Cultivating Kids' Social Lives in Today's Digital World.

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