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Criscillia Benford, PhD

Disrupt education? No Thanks

Academic Performance
Created: 07/21/2020
Uploaded: 08/11/2020

To fully understand the educational technology (EdTech) debate, we recommend that you read this article by Action Network member and Fairplay Board Member Dr. Criscillia Benford.

In this companion piece to Dr. William Softky's review of the neuroscience behind children's learning (and EdTech's disruptive impact), Dr. Benford carefully demonstrates how EdTech companies are exploiting the Covid crisis to pounce on the lucrative EdTech market -- to the detriment of our children. Dr. Benford explains how our schools are designed to care for children in ways that EdTech cannot, and how EdTech companies are extracting tremendous amounts of information about children (calling it data-driven "personalization") and using it to gamify education in ways that don't promote learning or healthy learning habits.

Moving forward during Covid, Dr. Benford proposes that schools take the learning outside, provide more robust support for teachers, and if they feel they must incorporate tech into the classroom, ask the teachers and students directly (and not the EdTech companies) what works best for them.

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