Resource Format: Video
Emily Cherkin, Lisa Cline, and Dr. Criscillia Benford

Back to School during COVID: The Case for Limiting EdTech (for parents and caregivers)

Created: 08/13/2020
Uploaded: 08/20/2020

As parents, remote schooling during the pandemic has been a unique experience for all of us (to say the least!). In addition to more screen time at home, we saw more technology than ever appear in our kids’ education. As schools look to “reopen,” technology is a big part of the proposed plan. So, what do we need to consider to make sure our kids don’t get lost in the digital world?

This Action Network Live! webinar invites families to think critically about EdTech (educational technology). Featuring The Screentime Consultant Emily Cherkin, writer and advocate Lisa Cline, and communications expert Dr. Criscillia Benford, this discussion will help families better understand and analyze this tech to meet their families’ needs. Feel more empowered and better equipped to make your case for low-tech learning solutions in the upcoming school year, and develop strategies to prioritize your family’s wellness at a time when tech threatens it!

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