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California Partners Project

Are the Kids Alright? How Teens are Struggling with Loss and the Limits of Living Online

Mental Health
Case Study
Created: 11/2020
Uploaded: 03/19/2021

The California Partners Project released this study of California teenagers (based on interviews of teens and parents plus diary entries kept by the teens), their struggles during the pandemic and social distancing, and their lives online. For anyone who lives with or works with teens, this study is both sobering and moving, as we learn how teens are coping with the sense of loss from the pandemic. In the absence of the friends and activities that filled their pre-pandemic lives, the study finds teens are spending more time on social media and gaming and losing out on opportunities to grow their identities. "The most important recommendation in these pages is this: 'We need to help ourselves and our teens recognize the warning signs and consciously choose healthier alternatives.'"

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