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  • Parents Connect at a glance

    Join our brand new program supporting parents and caregivers as they navigate their families' screen time. When you take part in Parents Connect, you'll receive:

    •    •An opportunity to connect with and learn from other parents/caregivers
         •Supportive space to discuss screen time strategies, challenges, and wins 

    •    •60 minutes facilitated by a parent educator or coach 

    •    •Intimate groups - no more than 5 parents/caregivers 

    •    •FREE in Spring 2022

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    What is Parents Connect?

    Parents Connect is a facilitated peer support program for parents and caregivers navigating their families’ screen time. We seek to give you a forum where you can learn from each other about what is and isn’t working in your households, get tips from our facilitators and receive moral support. Rest reassured, you are not alone in dealing with screen time challenges.

    Why Parents Connect?

    Parents and caregivers in the Action Network have repeatedly expressed the desire to connect with other parents/caregivers so they can learn from each other. The challenges for families presented by smartphones and tablets are new. Too often, little practical guidance is available. Although this problem is ubiquitous, many feel alone in their struggle. You need (and deserve) support and community. That is why we created Parents Connect.

    What is the time commitment?

    Our facilitators host 60-minute sessions with a group of no more than 5 parents/caregivers. Sessions are self-contained. Participants will be grouped by their children’s ages: 2-7, 8-12 and 13-17. Each month, we'll offer several Parents Connect sessions (at least one per age group). Parent Connect sessions will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

    We intentionally keep groups small to keep our sessions intimate and allow you time to bring up your challenges and get feedback.

    How is Parents Connect structured?

    Our facilitators start by laying out our ground rules and giving a brief introduction about themselves. They will ask parents to share why they came to Parents Connect to kick off a conversation about the challenges parents are facing, strategies they’ve been using that have (or haven’t) been working and other ideas they can try.

    Sounds great! How do I get started with parents connect?

    We’re so excited to invite you to be a part of this incredible community. You can sign up for a session here:

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    Parents Connect session

    If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to email our Action Network Coordinator, Lauren Paer at lauren@fairplayforkids.org