Network Members

We're thrilled about the positive response to our network launch! New members are joining daily. Please be patient as we update our member listing.


Alabama Waldorf School

ALERTE Association pour l'Education à la Réduction du Temps Ecran

Amazing Toys, Great Falls, MT

Centre for Child Honouring

Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition

Class Size Matters

Defending the Early Years

Discovery Children's Centre Inc., Winnipeg, Canada

Digital Education Project

Digital Media Training & Education Center


Elm Hill Primary School, Springfield, VT

Families Managing Media

Family Empowerment Network

Greene Towne Montessori School, Philadelphia, PA

Hazelnut Kids Natural Toys

Healthy Kids Community Challenge

Joliet Public Library

Kennedy Child Study Center, New York, NY

Kentucky Association for Early Childhood Education (KAECE)

The KID-FIT Preschool Health and Fitness Organization

Kinder Haus Montessori, Metairie, LA

5-2-1-0 Let's Go

Magnolia Blossom Preschool, Portland, OR

McKenna Parenting Program

Media Aware Events

National Kidney Foundation of Michigan

New Dream

New Moon Girls Magazine

Olympia Fencing Center

Parent Coaching Institute (PCI)

Parents Across America Roanoke Valley

Prevention Council of Roanoke County

Reach Out & Read

Rhymes and Reasons, Teaneck, NJ

Sensory Stepping Stones

Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship UK

Tara Performing Arts High School

Trinity-First Day School

Urban League of Hudson County, CCR&R Division

Waldorf School at Moraine Farm

Yotism, Yoga for Autism ASD

Zone'in Programs Inc.


Holly Baker, Children's Librarian

Vicki Bartolini, Ph.D., Professor of Education, Wheaton College, Norton, MA, Steering Committee TRUCE

Mary Barzee, Educational Program Coordinator

Kirstin Beatty, Legislation Writer

Criscillia Bendford, Ph.D., Co-Author, "Sensory Metrics of Neuromechanical Trust"

Brad Bennett

Rachael Berkeley, LCSW, Psychotherapist

Nadav Berman Shifman, Postgraduate Associate, Yale University

Jennifer Boschetti

Blakely Bundy, Co-Director, Defending the Early Years

Yunus Brevik

Barbara Brock, Professor Emeritus, Eastern Washington University, author, Living Outside the Box: TV Free Families Share Their Secrets

Jacques Brodeur, Edupax, Action Coalition for Media Education, ACME-Quebec

Deborah Brooks

Reegan Brown

Blakely Bundy

Carolyn Burke, MSW

Mary Burke, M.D., Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation

Patricia Cantor, Ed.D., Professor of Early Childhood Studies, Plymouth State University, NH

Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Ed.D., Professor of Early Childhood Education, Lesley University

Sharon Cerasoli, Children's Librarian

Emily Cherkin, MA Ed., Founder, Techquilibrium

Jean Ciborowski Fahey, Ph.D., Author, Parent Educator

Christopher Clark, M.Ed., High School Vice Principal

Kathleen Clarke-Pearson, M.D.

Joe Clement, Teacher, Author, Screen Schooled:Two Veteran Teachers Expose How Technology Overuse is Making Our Kids Dumber

Rosemary T Clough, Owner/Director/Founder, Creative Kids Yoga & Yoga Dots

Jeanne Cosby, M.A., Teacher, Mountain School-LGSONS

Melissa Coyne, Early Childhood Professional and Parent Educator

Carrington Cunnington, PCI Certified Parent Coach

Tracy Cutchlow, author, Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science

Kim DeAndrade, Health Social Emotional Learning Program Leader, Cambridge Public Schools

Gloria DeGaetano, Founder/Director, Parent Coaching Institute, author, Parenting Well in a Media Age: Keeping Our Kids Human

Bonnie DiLeone, M.Ed., Ready to Learn Coordinator

Brenda Dopler, Director, Play Time Day Care & Pre School

Ann Marie Douglass

Jodi Dudek

Victoria Dunckley, M.D., author, Reset Your Child's Brain

Nathan Dungan, President and Founder, Share Save Spend, LLC 

Janette Emlen

Mary Ann Evans

Colleen Faile

Jean Fahey

Dulce Feder, RN, BCWHC

Suzanne Flint

Nickie Foley, Mother/ Teacher

Natasha Forrester Campbell, Youth Librarian

Alessandro Fraschetti, Father

Ann Frechette, M.Ed., Ph.D., Sunshine Academy

Richard Freed, Ph.D., Child and Adolescent Psychologist, Author, Wired Child: Reclaiming Childhood in a Digital Age

Astrid Gámez, Executive Director, Family Services Network, VA

Bill Gamson

Diann Gano, Under the Gingko Tree Nature School

Douglas Gentile, Ph.D., Iowa State University, author, Media Violence and Children

Kimberly Ghazvini

Wilma Gold, MSW

Josh Golin, Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood

Dr. Kristy Goodwin, Speaker

Kimberly Greder, Associate Professor, Iowa State University

Zoe Greenberg, Writer

Nicole Halton, Inspired EC

Tina Hahn, MD

Alice Hanscam, Author, PCI Certified Parent Coach®, Owner of Denali Parent Coaching, LLC

Laurie Harrison, Great Barrington Libraries

Julie Hasselby, City of Kingston

Rachel Hawes

Melanie Hempe

Jeanette Holder

Susan Davis Hopkins

Perry Heppler

Rebeca Itzkowich, Erikson Institute

Leah Jewett, RSE, Working Group Lead, Women's Equality Party

Julie Jones, Health Educator

Allen Kanner, Psychologist, Senior Advisor, Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

Joe Kelly, NCLC, Fathering Educator, author, Dads & Daughters: How to Inspire, Understand, & Support Your Daughter

Beth Kerrick, Children's Librarian

Cheri Kiesecker, Parent

Jessica Killilea

Kathy Kleckner, Youth Services Librarian

Laurie Kleen, A Growing Place Montessori School

Ricki Klos

Michele Knox, Ph.D.

Loralee Knudsen, Director/ Family Support, Tiny Tots Development Center

Bhargavi B. Kola, MD, MPA

Staci Kraft, Ulster County Department of Health and Mental Health

Stephanie Krantz, Certified Health Coach, Krantz Wellness

Elizabeth Kraska, LISW-S

Kerri Kreh Reda, M.P.H.

Jeanette Kunz, Occupational Therapist

Eryn Lake, Social Media Consultant, Alliance for Childhood

Hala Lakkis, Mom and Montessori Directress

Ann Leach

Anne Lefebvre

Diane Levin, Ph.D., Professor of Early Childhood, Wheelock College

Susan Linn, Ed.D., author, Consuming Kids and The Case for Make Believe

Tom Lopez, Educator

Amanda Lucus

Robert MacDougall, Curry College

John Mack, Photographer 

Teresa Madsen, Ph.D., Neuroscientist, Stay-at-Home Mom

Julianne Mann, MD

Roxana Marachi, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education, San José State University

Dr. Roby Marcou

Holly Mawn, Third Grade Teacher

Patrice Maynard, Director of Publications and Development, Research Institute for Waldorf Education

Reem Masoud, Parent Coach

Miriam McCaleb, Family Enthusiast, New Zealand

Jennifer McCarville, Founder, Marvelously Made-the School for Young Children

Heather McConley

Brandon T. McDaniel, Ph.D.

Susan McNamara, Holistic Health Counselor and College Professor

Sonal Mehta, Aparanto

Alexis E. Menken, Ph.D.

Doreen Miller, MBA, MA, Infant Mental Health Educator, Adelphi University

Melissa Miller

Erin Milner

Ramya Mishra

Kimberly Morrison, Principal, Wales Primary School

Michele Morrison, Director of Training and Program Support, Parent-Child Home Program

Rhonda Moskowitz, Founder, Parent Coach, Practical Solutions Parent Coaching

Robert Nagy, Eventz Digital

Dipesh Navsaria, MPH, M.S.L.I.S, M.D.

Randy A. Nemeth

Anthony Nene, Parent Coach

Jill Nevins, Calabasas Library

Janni Nicol

Jonathan Noel, Assistant Professor

Christi Nordoff, The Acorn School of Charleston

Randee Norwood

Meghan Owenz, Ph.D., Penn State University, Berks

Alison Palmucci

Eden Marie Peart

Louisa Haugaard Pedersen

Phyllis Peter, Youth Services Librarian, Newton Public Library, Newton, IA

Lauren Peterson

Rae Pica, Early Childhood Keynote Speaker/ Consultant/ Author

Robert Pierce, Technology Lawyer

Tricia Platt, Early Childcare Teacher

Melissa Pond, Principal Planner, City of Quincy, MA

Kathilee Porter, Early Literacy Alliance of Waterloo Region

Mary Raschella, Family Educator

Jenny Radesky, M.D., Assistant Professor in the Division of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics, University of Michigan Medical School

Debbie Ravacon, Director, Montgomery County Community College (MCCC) Children's Center

Kerri Reda, CCE

Sheila Resseger, M.A., Retired Teacher, RI School for the Deaf

Edna Rienzi, New Dream

Sophie Rigal-Goulard, Author

Rema Rizek

Mary Rothschild, Executive Director, Healthy Media Choices

Cris Rowan, Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Zone'in Programs Inc.

Karen Rubendall, Educator and Parent

Susan Ruocco

Jean Rystrom

Theodora Scarato, MSW, Environmental Health Trust

Noa Scheinfeld

Barbara Schultz, Family Alternatives Social Worker

Kathleen Seaton, Agnes Irwin School

Karen Seniuk, LICSW

Nikki Shearman, Ph.D., Chief of Network Strategy and Evaluation, Reach Out and Read National Center 

Kareena Slakey

Kathy Slattengren, President, Priceless Parenting

Jennifer M. Smith, Ph.D., Psychologist, Life Changes Group, Inc.

Bill Softky, Physicist/Neuroscientist/Technologist, Author, "Sensory Metrics of Neuromechanical Trust"

Wendi Stern, Parent Coach, Personalized Parent Coaching, LLC

Anita St George, Homeschool Parent/ Teacher

John Surr, Advocate for Young Children

Dora Taylor, Educator, Portland, OR

Michele Taylor

Becky Thomas

Karen Tokos, Teacher/Parent

Suzy Tomopoulos

Michele Torok, University of Colorado, Department of Pediatrics

Kristina Trujillo Stephens

Sherry Turkle, Ph.D., Abby Rockefeller Mauzé Professor of the Social Studies of Science and Technology, MIT, author, Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in the Digital Age

Amber Van Dyke, Hospitalities Industry

Christie Verarde, Program Manager for the CA Early Childhood Mentor Program

Karen Voght, President, Wellness, Inc.

Susan Wakefield

Muffie Waterman, Writer

Almut Weiller Anderson, Preschool Teacher

Wendy N. Werner, Early Childhood Educator and Parent Support

Casey Williams

Angela Wong, MD, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Benjamin Shing Pan Wong

Michelle Yee

Candice Zawoiski