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Susan Linn and Josh Golin

Commercialism is the Missing Link: How corporate marketing makes screen time more harmful to children

Monday, March 4, 2019

3:30 PM EST

One of the most pervasive and troubling problems associated with children’s screen time is that most of the platforms and media aimed at kids are rife with overt and covert advertising. In this webinar, Dr. Susan Linn, founder of the Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood and author of Consuming Kids and Josh Golin, CCFC’s Executive Director, will talk about how apps, games and digital devices benefit marketers at the expense of children. In addition, Susan and Josh will discuss:

- The ways that children are developmentally vulnerable to advertising

- The sophisticated data collection and marketing techniques corporations routinely use to target kids on digital devices

- Why children need us to create better policies that protect them from corporate marketing

- Practical steps families can take to limit the harmful effects of commercialism on their children

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