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Action Network Live! gets personal with experts who know families, children, and tech. Our digital habits are rooted in very human behaviors so close to us we can't always see them. For practitioners, educators, and professionals, here is an hour for you to glean insights and real solutions for the families and children you serve. For parents, you'll never get to read all the books. Hosted by Action Network Director Jean Rogers, tune in to get clear, take-home advice in a warm dialogue with those who know and care.

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amy, aliza, & max

Dear Parents: Messages from Tech-Wise Teens

Thursday, November 19, 2020 7 PM EST | 4 PM PST

This event is designed for parents and teens to attend together!

When it comes to screens and teens, it can feel like a battle. You’ve read the books. You’ve scoured the data. So, what’s left?

How about asking the teens themselves?

Moderated by digital wellness ambassador Aliza Kopans and author Amy Crouch, our young adult leaders offer a fresh perspective: one backed by their personal experiences as youth growing up in a digital age. Featured guest Max Stossel from Center for Humane Technology will share insights with our teen panel and they, in turn, will share insights with our audience. Discover how teens really feel about social media, phone use, and screen time. Parents and teens will come away with new strategies for having productive, meaningful conversations around tech.

  • Parents: What you’ve always wanted to ask your teens, but haven’t had the courage.
  • Teens: Your chance to identify with the speakers and learn how to get your opinion heard.
  • About our Moderators

Amy Crouch: Amy is a student at Cornell University studying linguistics, English, and anything else she can fit into her schedule. She loves to cook, climb mountains, and chat about books. Amy is the author of My Tech-Wise Life alongside her father, Andy Crouch.

Aliza Kopans: Aliza, a senior in high school, hopes to contribute a youth perspective regarding the journey to navigate technology, creating change towards a human—not screen—focused world. Aliza is a Teen Advisory Board member for the Children’s Screen Time Action Network. Aliza co-created the Dear Parents resource as part of her internship with Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood.

And, featured guest Max Stossel is a Youth & Education Advisor for the Center for Humane Technology. Before joining CHT, Max ran social for multinational brands, and later worked for a social media company where he designed some of the same notification structures to distract people that he now criticizes. Max provides a unique and much needed critical perspective on the role of technology in schools and in our society.


I can't attend live, but would like a link to the recording