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Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

Screen-Time Reduction Toolkit for Child Care Providers

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Created: 2013
Uploaded: 10/17/2017

The “Screen-Time Reduction Toolkit for Child Care Providers” was developed by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for their NAP/SACC (Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care) program. NAP/SACC assists child care facilities in fighting childhood obesity by improving nutrition and physical activity environments. The toolkit is extensive and covers multiple age groups from preschool to school-aged. It addresses why child care facilities should limit screen-time for health and how to develop policies around screen-time. It also provides further resources, such as screen-free activity and game ideas. Example policy statements, letters to parents, and instructions on how to develop success stories are included in the toolkit. Resources for school-aged children include a screen-free lesson plan and handouts, including a screen-free activity log.

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