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Défi de la Dizaine sans télé ni jeux vidéo

Case Study
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Uploaded: 10/30/2017

In the 20-minute video "Défi de la Dizaine sans télé ni jeux vidéo" ("Screen Free Challenge on Video"), students, parents, and teachers explain what happened when two elementary schools first took the 10 Day Screen-Free Challenge back in 2003. Five questions were answered by adults and by children to help other schools in getting organized. 1) What motivated decision makers in these schools to mobilize students and families to reduce screen-time exposure? 2) What did teachers do BEFORE the 10 Day Challenge? 3) What happened DURING these 10 days? 4) What happened AFTER these 10 days. 5) How did television news cover this unusual event? Images recorded in this 20 minute video send a motivating message to viewers although language is in French. Children deserve help to make technology serve them as a tool instead of letting it (remotely) control their lives.