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Emily Cherkin

Creating a Family Technology Action Plan

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Family Media Plan
Parent Handout
Created: 2016
Uploaded: 10/17/2017

“Creating a Family Technology Action Plan” is a worksheet for the whole family designed to function as a contract. Parents and children can use this worksheet to list the values they wish to reflect in their family technology action plans as well as their goals for screen time/technology use. The worksheet also includes spaces for describing ways to implement goals, hold each other accountable, and celebrate successes. The Family Technology Action Plan should be posted in the house where everyone can see it and each participant creating the plan can sign it, making sure that the entire family’s expectations for screen time/technology use are aligned.

This resource was created by Emily Cherkin for the Hallowell-Todaro Center. Cherkin has worked with middle schoolers and their parents in Seattle for 13 years, and she facilitates parent workshops.